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asian blood gang song

The Asian Boyz, also known as ABZ or AB, are a street gang based in Southern California. They were founded in the early s as part of efforts of.

The Pirus, also known as Piru Street Family and Piru Gangsters (PG), are a Los Angeles street gang alliance based in Compton, and also present in the cities of Carson, Sacramento, Hawthorne, San Diego, Fresno, Santa Barbara and Watts. Piru sets make up most of the original Blood Alliance in Los Angeles. The Pirus soon joined with the Brims gang, a victim of the Crips attacks, and.

Gang Related Lyrics: Sometimes I pull up on Brazil and Wilmington / Like 3 o' clock in the The song serves as a time machine in which The Game uses to express his times as a gang-banger and read more» That's my solid nigga, on Bloods, my nigga Peanut, he in jail now [Chorus: Asia Bryant].

The ongoing gang violence in Metro Vancouver has spawned a new “I think it's more of, he's singing those kinds of songs, they're selling.